About Journal

Modares Journal of Biotechnology is one of the TMU Press journals that is published by the responsibility of its Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board in the determined scopes.
The Biotechnology Journal of Tarbiat Modares University is published in various biotechnology fields. This publication was first published as “Modares Sciences and Biotechnology” in the from of biquarterly from fall of the 2010. After receiving to the scientific-research degree dated 2013/10/03, its title was changed to "Biotechnology of Tarbiat Modares University". Currently, review articles, full research and short research papers are considered by experts to publish.

Contact Information for the journal office
Journal Address Room 5204, Second Floor, Faculty of Life Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.
Journal Number +98-21-82884733
Journal Fax +98-21-82884717
E-mail Address jmbs@modares.ac.ir